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Our Goals

The Bishops Corner Neighborhood Association (BCNA) is a not-for-profit organization comprised of local residents, businesses, non-profits, and advocates for the Bishops Corner Neighborhood of West Hartford. 


Did you know the Bishops Corner Neighborhood Association has been around for almost 50 years? During most of that timespan, the BCNA sprang to life when challenges came up that would negatively affect Bishops Corner (i.e. advocate for the Bishops Corner Branch Post Office to remain open).


However, In 2014, the group was revitalized and it now plays an active role in everything that happens in Bishops Corner.

The BCNA Goals Include:
  1. The beautification of Bishops Corner.

  2. Increasing pedestrian and bicycle safety and accessibility.

  3. Facilitating communication with residents, businesses and non-profits.

  4. Playing an active role in future redevelopment projects.

Ways You Can Get Involved:

Our primary goal is to continue progressing the conversations that impact our quality of life in Bishops Corner. We will be asking for everyones help us achieve even better levels of satisfaction among those living, visiting, and working in our community.

Together, we can make Bishops Corner a great place to Eat, Shop, Live and Stay!

"The BCNA has become a sounding board for the council… particularly for the development that's happening. I know all of my colleagues take some solace in the fact that whatever's been proposed in Bishops Corner has been screened by the BCNA because this is the group that's on the ground and cares the most about Bishops Corner, and in many cases has been here for generations... and that's a very powerful thing."

-Former Mayor Scott Slifka

Get Involved
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